Quiz: Are You A Gym Addict?

13 Signs You’ve Gone Too Far.
Be honest...do you have a favorite dumbbell?

With the mainstreaming of the fitness craze, hitting the gym has becoming more common, and so has a certain “type.” See, these equipment-filled edifices have the ability to transform seemingly normal friends, neighbors, relatives, and loved ones into a new creature: the Gym Rat. Once a rare, ostentatious breed joked about over cocktails on Friday night, the Gym Rat has increasingly become a part of our everyday lives.

Gym Rats are no longer just the muscle-bound, spandex-wearing specimens hogging the free weights by the mirror and smiling at themselves while they neurotically pump iron. They’re not even necessarily wearing gorgeous gym apparel. They are among us…in fact, they may even be us.

But how do you know if you’ve become one of “them”? How can you tell if you’ve progressed from “Physically Active” to “Fitness Junkie” to full-fledged Gym Rat?

To help you answer that question, we’ve put together the little quiz below. Just answer "Yes" or "No" to each of the following questions, and keep track of your answers. And if it turns out that you have developed a mild case of obsessive gym love, know that even those who may scoff at your verging-on-neurotic workout regimen are secretly admiring your dedication.

Are You A Gym Rat? Find Out.

1. When you talk about buying a new outfit, are you talking about gym clothes/something that comes in spandex or dry weave?

2. Do you factor additional “social time” into your gym session--beyond any chatting that goes on during your normal two-hour routine of cardio and weight training?

3. Are 90% or more of your posts on social media about gym/fitness-related topics?

4. Have new gym members mistaken you for an employee and asked you for advice on form or where the bathroom is?

5. Do your friends make jokes like this: “I guess if we want to hang out with [YOUR NAME], we’ll need to get a gym membership!”?

6. Do your social activities require you to be home by 8:30 P.M. so you can get your last 20 ounces of protein before bed and be well rested for your 4:30 A.M. boot camp?

7. Do you have a pair of athletic shoes to match every possible color of cropped gym pants?

8. Does your credit card statement show line after line of purchases from Lululemon, Nike, and Fabletics?

9. Is your social calendar dominated by color runs, 5K’s, and Spartan races?

10. Do you have favorite gym equipment and find yourself getting annoyed when someone is using “your treadmill”?

11. Does your trainer/instructor have your number on speed dial so they can contact you when they’re running late? Ya know, so you can tell the rest of the class… because you are always there. On time. Every day.

12. Have you ever gone to the gym twice in one day?

13. Do all your favorite recipes come from the gym bulletin board?

Now count up your "Yes" and "No" answers. If you answered “Yes” to more than five of the questions above, you may be veering into Gym Rat territory. But don’t worry, implementing some very simple practices can help you get back to a less codependent relationship with the gym…and start reuniting with people in Spandex-free environments.

Here are our top five tips to come back to the other side. Remember, life is about balance.

1. Rest days are there for a reason. Use them to do something that doesn’t require sneakers and a water bottle or protein pack.

2. Make plans with non-gym friends and don’t base those plans around when you can go to the gym.

3. You used to have hobbies. Why don’t you pick those up again?

4. Make sure that the majority of a given day’s activities don’t require a sports bra/compression shorts.

5. Use product and do your hair. It’s amazing how effective a preventative a nice hairdo can be when you need to force yourself to lay low.

All joking aside, living a healthy lifestyle is invigorating! So much so that at times we may go overboard and stick our toes in the fanatical end of the fitness pool. But life is all about balance, so exercise that too. You’ve worked hard to get where you’re at—make sure you are enjoying it!

Make it WayBetter

A regular gym schedule is one of the best ways to keep yourself exercising enough--but not too much. Try planning out your workouts for the week on Sunday to stay on track!