Players' Biggest Accomplishments from StepBet's First Year

StepBet turned one in June! To celebrate, players shared their favorite StepBet accomplishments from the past 12 months.

In celebration of StepBet turning one in June, we asked players to share their favorite StepBet accomplishments from the past year. Here are some of the highlights!

"Doing my third consecutive challenge. My husband is my coach, encouraging me to get my steps in every day. The cash earned will be for our vacation with Celebrity Cruises in November." -Bernie M.

"This winter I was down to 7,000 steps daily. Monday I hit 15,000. Thanks, StepBet!" -Jennifer H.

"I did 57,000+ steps in one day." -Allison T.

"I love how even when I"m tired and ready to go to bed, if I haven't met my goal for the day I still feel like getting up and getting in my steps!" -Jackie F.

"I actually started tracking my steps!! Now I'm moving!!" - Andrea K.

"Seeing the tracker move and getting my Stretch days done early in the week!" -Kristen M.

"Thanks to StepBet my stamina has increased, and that has fed my drive. It's lowered my stress in pharmacy school, the second hardest educational program in the world, and has given me killer legs. My favorite accomplishment though just happened yesterday: for the first time ever in my entire life I did something I would have never thought possible. I ran an entire mile. StepBet was the springboard that got me here and I'll never forget that. Also love that thanks to StepBet I have gotten in a minimum of 15k steps a day for 14 straight days now. Keep on keeping on." -Greg M.

"Getting my steps no matter what - rain/sleet/sickness/health/through better/though worse." -Taryn W.

"With two different autoimmune illnesses, it can be hard to stay motivated. What I love about StepBet is it helps me keep the motivation going to follow through and reach my goals." -Rhi F.

"Two back-to-back StepBets with every single day as a Stretch day!" -Cheryl F.

"My best StepBet accomplishment is 6 Stretch goals in a week. Gotta go for 7!" -Scott K.

"I finished my first StepBet game and instead of taking a break, I jumped right into another game that started the next day." -Laura H.

"76k+ steps in one week." -Julie C.

"Getting my 2 Stretch days over with on the first 2 days!" -Lisa T.

"Several all-green weeks. This app really makes me move!" -Laila Silina

"The app really motivated me to get up and move! I have successfully completed 4 games and cannot wait to join the next one." -Cynthia L.

"It motivates me to get those last few steps even at 11 PM at night." -Amelia T.

"I actually accomplished 10K+ steps seven days in a row in fear of not making one of my goals! WHEW!" - Diane P.

"I am in my first StepBet now and that alone is the biggest accomplishment! I agonized on whether to join because I could lose money, but what a motivator it is! I have increased my daily steps and last week I had all Stretch days. I love the concept and support from the group!" -Heather J.

"I am proud of myself for joining my first game!" -Brittany L.

"My biggest accomplishment has been completing games. I tend to lose interest in things, but this app has kept me motivated!" -Sheila M.

"I just started my first StepBet this week. I couldn't believe that I hit my Stretch goal 3+ days in a row in warm-up week! This is awesome, it is something I have more control over than trying to lose weight!" -Andrea F.

"When I started my first StepBet, I wondered if I would be able to make it through the 6 weeks...but I did. So I signed up for the next one, wondering the same thing...again...I did it. The next goal I set for myself was to keep doing StepBet for 1 full year, or until I lost. Well, here we are, almost one year and 10 StepBets later...still moving. And that, for me, is a great accomplisment." -Ida F.

"I hit 30,000 steps in one day for the first time ever. My normal steps per day outside of StepBet are around 4,000, so 30,000 is a huge accomplishment for me!" -Jenny A.

"This is my first StepBet game. Today is the end of week two and I've reached my Stretch goal all 14 days: no Active and no Free days!" -Kim D.

"I'm planning ahead for my day to be sure I get those steps in. Sometimes I don't squeeze them in until the end of the day, but I know in advance that is when I have time available. It's almost like having an appointment. I don't think about it, I just know it's time and git 'er done." -Cheryl D.

"I was NEVER a runner. When I joined StepBet I started running (it was the only way to get my steps and still get to bed at a normal time). In the past year I've completed FOUR 5K's and done three more just on my own time. I can run up to four miles without stopping!! I even won a first place trophy in one of my 5K's!" -Christina D.

"Completing StepBets in spite of having plantar fasciitis in both feet." -Kathy G. 

"StepBet kept me on track with my weight loss and helped me accomplish my goal of losing 100 lbs." -Kira L.

"Love that in my daughter's senior year of college I finally learned where the hotel gym was as I had to keep up my Active days even while visiting her out of town!" -Elise S.

"I just finished my third StepBet. Little did I know that along the way I would take on the challenge of hiking the North-South trail in Rhode Island. 80 miles in five days! I never would have thought it was possible." -Peggy H.

"Doing three StepBets at a time and creating a fitness habit!" -Alex A.

"Committing myself to my first StepBet challenge! I was always so worried about competitions, but I just jumped in!" -Janita S.

"Hitting well over 10K steps on a daily basis again, just like I was before I had my twins last year." -Karna H.

"I managed to complete a StepBet while unexpectedly getting my house ready to go on the market." -Julie R.

"I went from averaging maybe 6K steps per day to over 15K per day in the year I have been doing these challenges." -Courtney C.

"StepBet is why I go for an evening walk instead of lounging on the couch. StepBet is why I go out for a run in the rain with a smile on my face. StepBet is why my dog gets more walks than ever before. And StepBet is why I have a much better fitness habit, and have lost 15 pounds so far this year! Thanks StepBet, and happy birthday!" -Carri F.

"I've completed 10 StepBets in a row over the past year! 365 days of goal crushing!" -Tara R.

"I've been successfully completing consecutive StepBets since I heard of the app and now instead of sitting on the couch after work, I go for long walks!" -Jen S.

"My favorite StepBet accomplishment is that it kept me moving during the winter months. I suffer from depression (especially during winter), which causes me to gain 15-20 pounds every winter. I'm happy to say that thanks to StepBet I kept moving through the entire winter and didn't gain an ounce!" -Luisa Z.

"I shattered my ankle in April 2016. Since then (well, after surgery and recovery), I have won 12 games (thank you, membership!), and gained 100% mobility in that joint!" -Kjersta V.

"Completed six and lost 35 pounds." -Melinda M.

"Completed four and I'm down 21 pounds!" -Brittini B.

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