4 Places to Look for Surprisingly Major Non-Scale Victories

Hit a plateau? Don't fret. You probably still have some major victories to celebrate.

I’ve reached the dreaded plateau, a place where everyone trying to lose weight arrives at some point. It might be simply because I haven’t been willing to truly cut out all my favorite splurges – especially now that summer barbecues and ice cream are here. Or I could be stuck at the same weight because I’ve been working out a lot and gaining heavy muscle mass, which can mask some of the progress I’d normally see on the scale.

Regardless of what causes a weight plateau, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not making progress. There are many other non-scale victories (NSV’s) that matter a lot in terms of how you look and feel as well as your overall health, and it’s important to celebrate those in order to keep yourself motivated! Here are some places to look for non-scale victories in your life.

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1. Nutrition

Your body needs all the vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, unsaturated and saturated fats, and proteins that your food delivers, and if you have found ways to get more of those things in your life, maybe while cutting some simple sugars and trans fats along the way, you deserve a cheer! You are investing in your body’s happiness for years to come!

2. Reductions in Illness/Pain

If your motivation for losing weight had to do with feeling stronger, getting sick less often, or reducing pain, then give yourself a pat on the back if you have more energy, less pain, or fewer colds! No matter what dietary or fitness changes led to this progress, they’re major victories. 

3. Muscle Tone

If you wanted to sculpt your body, it is very possible that your journey will actually have you gaining some weight. That’s okay, because the muscle you gain is denser than fat – meaning you’ll look slimmer and more toned, even if you weigh the same or more. You might want to measure yourself in inches (around your arms, waist, etc.) rather than just pounds, to make sure that you are seeing results there!

4. Setting a Great Example

Got a kid, friend, or significant other who struggles to exercise or eat well? Or maybe they are good at eating well and exercising, but your good example just makes them even more intentional! I’ve definitely had some great role models in my life who have inspired my own healthy habits. The positive effect you have on other people’s health is a major non-scale victory!

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