Let's Celebrate Non-Scale Victories!

The number on the scale is just that...a number. These NSV's from DietBet Referees and players will leave you super motivated to get out there and achieve your own little triumphs today!

You know what's awesome? Seeing the number on the scale go down when you're trying to lose weight.

But you know what's even more awesome? Putting on a pair of pants that used to be too tight and feeling AMAZING in them. Or climbing the stairs that used to leave you completely winded, and feeling just fine at the top. Or passing up a slice of pizza and enjoying the salad you brought from home. Or walking into a room full of people and feeling GOOD about yourself.

What do all of those moments have in common (besides being pretty great)? They're all what we like to call non-scale victories, or NSV's. Non-scale victories encompass all the little triumphs and accomplishments we experience along the road to our goal weight and beyond. They are the small wins that fuel us (and, as it turns out, fuel our long-term weight loss too). And when it comes down to it, those moments of feeling and looking good, of accomplishing new things, are the real reason any of us want to lose weight. After all, the number on the scale is just that...a number. 

Non-scale victories are so important that we want to encourage our community to share them with one another and help each other celebrate these moments. That's why we created the hashtag #DietBetNSV and asked players to post their non-scale victories to Instagram--it's a great way to see all the different forms that getting healthy can take, and to motivate each other to keep going. 

We also recently asked our Referees to tell us some of their most recent NSVs, and they were another reminder of how unique everyone's weight loss journey is, and all the amazing ways that getting healthy can improve your daily life. To keep the NSV celebration going, here's a roundup of the Ref's recent triumphs along with some select #DietBetNSV's from Instagram. Share your own on Instagram for a chance to be featured in a future article or on DietBet social media pages!

"My favorite NSV from the past few months would be fitting into a pair of black jeans my mom gave me forever ago...finally!" -Alexis, DietBet Assistant Referee Manager

"Hit a new notch on my FitBit today!" -@tiff.vs.tiff, DietBet player

 "Running a 5K in the same amount of time that I did at the end of summer last year. I'm starting off a lot faster this summer, so who knows how fast I might get before the end of this summer!" -Ashley, DietBet Referee

"Last Sunday, I had a first date. I wanted to look good so I tried on a really nice sweater that I hadn't worn in two years because it was waaaay too small on me. Since I have lost 25 pounds (officialy 29.8 lbs as of today!) I decided to try it on and it fit with room to spare! I was so excited!!" -Jeff, DietBet Referee

"That awesome moment where you feel you need a belt so you stop feeling like your pants are falling and you realize it's time for a new belt because you ran out of holes." -@annamaria716, DietBet player

"Seeing my endurance build up. I've always HATED running, and recently I am seeing myself grow to kind of like it. I have been able to run up until 5 miles non-stop and that is a huge win for me!" -Jen Z., Head Referee Manager

"Sitting in a chair at a restaurant comfortably while having ample amounts of extra space!" -@goal.diggin.ginger, DietBet player

"It's been 3 weeks now that I have almost curbed my late-night snacking! I am a night owl and often find myself reaching for snacks at all hours of the night. While I did have to go to bed early a few nights to stay on track, I did it!" -Kim, DietBet Referee

"I may not be losing a lot of weight per the scale but I can tell it's going down because I haven't been able to wear my ring for almost 6 months. I used to be a big ring fan...but I haven't been able to wear them because my fingers got too fat. I'm honestly so happy for this #NSV. I missed my rings!" -@autumnmaries_weightlossjourney, DietBet player

"For me, my recent NSV is getting involved in a local group. It's not something I would have done before, and it's definitely getting me moving more." -Stacey, DietBet Referee

"Graduated to 10 lb hammer curls!" -@lilmissfit007, DietBet player

"I recently did a 5K walk for MS and I was able to walk the whole thing without stopping or cramping. It may not seem much, but after not working out for 6+ months, I expected to be super winded and taking lots of breaks. But I made it (while pushing a stroller with a 24-pound kiddo on it, may I add)!" -Jenn D., DietBet Referee

"Some of my clothes from last summer are too big!! I donated them as I do not ever want to wear that size again." -Karyn, DietBet Referee

"Feeling confident and trim in these clothes that used to be shoved to the back of my closet. They're both a 1X, but I feel like they fit a little big as the skirt keeps FALLING instead of riding up haha." -@robotknif3fight, DietBet player

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