Hunting for Healthy Easter Treats

Smart tips to enjoy the Easter festivities without giving in to the chocolate bunnies!

It’s easy to see why Easter can be a tough time for many DietBetters – it’s one of the holidays most associated with sweets! Let’s be honest, most Easter egg hunts are just prolonged searches for chocolate-filled plastic eggs: a wonderful tradition, to be sure, but hard to handle when you’re watching calories. Especially if you have a sweet tooth that won’t be denied, like me.

In order to treat myself and take part in the Easter festivities without going overboard, I knew I needed a plan. So I came up with these ideas for Easter fun that won’t lead to me eating an entire chocolate bunny during the holiday:

Make Fruit Festive

It might sound crazy, but try substituting tasty melon for cookie dough. With slices of fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew, I can use the same springy cookie cutters I normally use for cookies to make festive fruit shapes! It satisfies that craving for something sweet and fun while being full of fiber, water, and nutrients.

Focus on the Main

Splurge on a really flavorful lean meat for your main dish to fill you up with protein and give you something exciting to look forward to. Seasoned ham or racks of lamb often take center stage in an Easter dinner, and making something tasty like that makes it easier to resist all the other temptations, like carb-y sides and the aforementioned chocolate eggs. I sometimes prefer to eat vegetarian, so I might explore new hearty stews with plenty of legumes and tofu to keep me cozy and satiated!

Cut the Cake

Feed your inner bunny on some healthy muffins rather than cake. If you crave carrot cake during the springtime, choose something like a carrot-applesauce muffin, where you can substitute some of the white flour and sugar with healthier alternatives. No cream cheese frosting necessary!

Make Lunch Eggsellent

Don’t just use your colorfully dyed eggs as decoration. Hard-boil them and pack them in your lunches for a colorful protein fix! Have some fun and get creative with the designs on the shell! I personally like drawing on mine with white crayon before I dye them, to reveal designs after the fact.

Go Green

Nothing says spring like the return of spring greens. I love making up a salad with my favorite toppings to celebrate the return of fresh greens from gardens. I like it even better when it’s the spinach from my garden or arugula from the community garden down the street!

Make it WayBetter

What Easter candy can you replace with a more healthy choice, while still enjoying the time of year and the traditions of your holidays? Get creative and make it a chance to invent something new!