DietBet Referee's Healthy Super Bowl Tips

Have fun without going overboard with these healthy recipes and strategies for the big game!
healthy superbowl recipes

Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner, and whether you’re a die-hard NFL fan or had to Google which teams are playing, there’s one element of the Big Game that’s almost unavoidable: the snacks.

As a not-super-sporty person, I couldn’t tell you the difference between a field goal and a fullback—but I can tell you that, come Sunday, I’ll be surrounded by chicken wings, nachos, pizza, and beer, among other tempting treats.

Because the best defense is a good offense (Look! Sports terminology!), we turned to our awesome team of Referee’s for some of their favorite healthy Super Bowl snacks and tips for not letting the game derail your diet. Check out their ideas, and share your own in the comments!

Alexis: My favorite healthier Super Bowl recipe is Deviled Eggs, but I change it up by adding a lot of Cholula and smoked paprika (now you know my best kept secret!!). 

Ashley: One of my favorite Super Bowl treats is chipotle chicken taco salad. We usually do a taco bar, so the salad pairs with it perfectly!  

Dean: For the Super Bowl, it’s probably best to plan for a “cheat day” ahead of time. There are too many once-a-year treats I’d hate to miss.

Karyn: If you REALLY want to get to know me, please know you will never find me watching NFL football. UK Premier League footy, yes, but not American football. Now that we have that awkward part out of the way (*grinning*)…But if I was a Super Bowl person, I would make a skinny chili with ground turkey and navy beans, low-fat sour cream, cheese, and chives to top it off. Nom nom…okay—now I want chili!

Jeff: Every year, I host the annual Super Bowl party for my family & friends and I love to do the cooking! My two go-to favorites are slow cooker Pulled Pork and my World Famous "Jeff's Healthy Slow Cooker Chili."

Jen D: I love a vegetable pizza!

Stacey: I enjoy the Super Bowl, but no one around me does. As a result, an ideal Super Bowl day would mean kicking my husband out of the house so I can feel free to get really involved. My snack would be ice cream. I would health-ify it by blending a frozen banana and cherries with a bit of dark chocolate chips. So yummy!

Make it WayBetter

Find something besides food to be your focal point. Whether you get really into the game itself, rank every commercial that comes on, or spend time chatting with a friend, putting your attention on something besides snacks will help prevent overindulging.