8 Better Things to Do with Halloween Candy than Eat It

Put down the Kit Kat. Just put it down.

Halloween means a lot of things: spooky decorations, trick-or-treating, cute kids costumes, questionable adult costumes, pumpkins, and--oh yeah--candy. Lots of candy. Pumpkin-shaped Reese's, candy corn, Halloween peeps (yes) and much, much more. 

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, it haunts you in the office, in waiting rooms, at parties, at home. Then after the 31st, the leftovers continue to haunt you, this time with an even stronger spell that you feel powerless to fight against: "We will go to waste if you don't eat us!" they say. "There's no use resisting anymore!"

But actually, there is. 

It's totally fine to treat yourself to one or two of your favorite candies during Halloween, but no one wants a sugar blackout that lands them at the bottom of a bag of fun-sized Snickers. So avoid the guilt, the sugar headaches, and the extra pounds by using this year's Halloween candy for one of these other creative (and totally practical) purposes:

1) Make a Willy Wonka mosaic. 

So fitting, right?

2) Throw a fondue party.

Just melt down all your chocolate candies, chop up some fruit, and you've got yourself a swinging 70's shindig!

3) Make an entrance.

Every time you enter a room, proclaim loudly, "Hello everyone, I am [YOUR NAME]. Here is some candy!!!" and then throw a handful of candy in the air. People will remember you.

4) Bring them to life.

Name each individual candy. Develop backstories and families. Buy a dollhouse--or better yet, build a dollhouse--and give each candy a room (you might need two dollhouses). Then make little candy costumes. Now just TRY to eat them, you heartless soul.

5) Throw it all in the bathtub.

You'll make yourself not want to eat the candy and fulfill a childhood fantasy at once!

6) Tie it to your shoes.

"They call me sugar-toes."

7) Build a chair.

Seat of Skittles, arms of Almond Joys, backrest of Butterfingers...what could be better?

8) Build a castle.

Oh, I know what could be better: a castle. A CANDY castle!! I highly suggest mini-Reeses cups for turrets. 

9) Sell them and join a DietBet.

Okay, we're not endorsing illegally reselling products, we're just saying that a DietBet is a pretty darn good way to make sure you you put your Halloween candy to some other use--and not into your mouth.

Happy not-candy-eating!


Make it WayBetter

What candy is your weakness? After you've let yourself enjoy a moderate amount, get it out of the house so you won't be tempted to have more!