5 Power Breakfasts to Fuel Your Step Goals

Forget sugary pastries or surviving on coffee alone until the afternoon. Instead, fuel your morning with nutrition-packed breakfasts that get your day started on the right foot!

Waking up is hard, and it can be tempting to grope around the kitchen and grab the first thing you find while the coffee brews or the tea steeps. I know that my weakness in the early hours is a pastry or bread, and while such things are delicious, I hate the 10 AM slump and hunger that I feel after starting the day off that way.

In my search for a better way to propel myself through the day and avoid the snack attack mid-morning, I have found the following power breakfasts that are both nutritious and filling—perfect for making it all the way until lunch time!


This combination of peppers, tomato, and eggs poached in a delicious sauce is both protein-rich and so delicious! It’s a fairly simple mixture and you can prep the night before by cutting up the veggies you need. There are tons of variations, but here’s one recipe to start with. Just make sure you brush your teeth well before heading out—the onions are strong in this one!

Skyr with Fruit

If you still want something sweet, like I often do, I recommend the Icelandic yogurt skyr. It’s naturally low in sugar and high in protein, but tastes rich and creamy nonetheless! Adding your favorite fruit (or purchasing it with fruits in it) adds a little natural sweetness as well as the added vitamins and fiber of the fruit. My favorite combination is strawberry and rhubarb.

Green Smoothies

These have been a darling of the health food community for a while now, and there’s a reason why. By blending all of your favorite smoothie ingredients with leafy greens, you get the great taste of a fruit smoothie with the superfood punch of a green juice—plus, it’s the perfect refresher on too-hot mornings. They’re also great for people who exercise early in the morning and need something to cool them down. Add in some protein to make sure you’ll stay satisfied until lunch and avoid a mid-morning crash: protein powders, yogurt, coconut milk, or nut butter are all good options.

Sausage, Spinach, and Egg Taquitos

I love these for their nutrients, protein, and make-ahead potential. You can make a bunch of rolled up soft tacos full of your favorite ingredients, bake them, and then freeze for easy reheating in the mornings. Tofu crumbles with spices are a great way to make these vegetarian. This recipe offers a good starting point, but you should get creative with fillings and toppings!  

Bell Pepper Egg in the Hole

One of my favorite breakfasts is Egg-in-the-Hole: an egg fried in the middle of a piece of bread, resulting in a crispy piece of toast around your morning protein. By replacing the bread with a thick horizontal slice from a cored bell pepper, you can spice up your egg, keep it contained in the pan, and get a little veggie all in one! Great for people doing Whole30 or other diets that restrict grains.

Make it WayBetter

Is there a tweak to your breakfast routine that will make you feel better and more prepared to face the day? Try something different this week and notice if it helps with later-in- the-day food cravings!