11 Vegan Dishes Guaranteed to Make Burger-Lovers Drool

You won't miss the meat. Trust us.

People who are vegan are generally pretty into being vegan. People who aren’t vegan are generally kind of intimidated by the idea. As a non-vegan, I can rattle off my reasons for steering clear of a totally plant-based diet:

  • Vegan food seems really difficult to make.
  • I love pizza.
  • Vegan food seems really difficult to find at restaurants.
  • I love pizza.
  • Vegan food seems really boring.
  • I love pizza.

That about sums it up.

However, a recent DietBet I stumbled across may have me changing my tune. Our first game with a vegan focus, The Best of Vegan DietBet is hosted by Kim-Julie, a vegan Instagrammer whose pics are serious works of art.

Since the game started on March 28, Kim-Julie and the players have been sharing snaps of their 100% vegan meals…and, I have to admit, I’ve taken to checking the feed every day (okay twice a day) to drool over the most recent additions.

Not only does the food look amazing, but the pictures have also been refuting all of my anti-vegan justifications, one-by-one. There are pictures of super easy-to-make dishes, restaurant meals, creations that are anything but boring, and—yes—even pizza.

This is not to say that I’ll be going vegan anytime soon, but the players in this game may just have inspired me to try going plant-based in more and more of my meals. Check out this roundup of some of the best of the Best of Vegan and see if they inspire you the same way!


Just LOOK at these Vietnamese summer rolls with peanut sauce...

Have you heard of smoothie boats before? I hadn't. I'm not sure but I kind of think my life has changed forever. This one is a green smoothie in a papaya!

Quinoa salad with avocado, hummus, and pepitas, on a bed of massaged kale. YES.

This heavenly-looking concoction was shared by Kim-Julie herself. It's got almond milk, dates, spinach, celery, and, from what it looks like...magical clouds?

Okay, so this is just a salad...just an INSANELY delicious-looking salad.

Butternut squash, quinoa, and tofu soup. AKA the most beautiful lunch I've ever seen. 

Raw walnut enchiladas...at a restaurant. There goes one of my objections.

What is this gorgeous, glimmering cup of sunshine? Oh, a carrot, ginger, turmeric smoothie? One, please.

Do vegans eat banana splits? Yes, apparently they do.

Watermelon "pizza" topped with banana and nut butter. Looks delish, but c'mon, it's not a real pizza. My final argument stands.

Oh, wait. This is a pizza. And it's vegan. And it's from Domino's?!?

Looks like I'm out of excuses.

Make it WayBetter

If you don’t want to eliminate meat, try to simply increase the amount of plant-based products you eat! You’ll up your veggie intake and help ensure you get the vital nutrients your body needs.