7 Reasons Winter is the Best Time to Lose Weight

Forget beach body. We're all about that blizzard bod.
winter weight loss

After a couple months of false starts (anyone in the NYC area remember those 60-something December days??), winter has finally arrived—and along with it, plummeting temps, dreary skies, and ominous weather forecasts. If your natural reaction to this recent development is to enter hibernation mode, bundling up and hunkering down and building a thick layer of winter “insulation,” you’re not alone. However, fighting that instinct and doing the exact opposite will deliver more benefits—and be much more pleasant—than you might imagine. Though it might seem crazy, winter is seriously the best time to lose weight. Here’s 7 reasons why:

  1. Instant warm-up! You know the best antidote to bone-chilling temperatures? Working up a sweat! Next time you just can’t seem to get warm, instead of boosting the thermostat, pop in your favorite exercise DVD or head to the gym. Your body (and your gas bill) will thank you.
  2. The gym is your kingdom. Speaking of the gym, you’ll likely enjoy relative peace and quiet at yours during the winter month. Sure, there will be an influx of eager beavers looking to make good on their resolutions, but they’ll start dropping off come February (not you, though!), and the “beach body” seekers won’t arrive for another few months.
  3. It’s (not) partytime!! When the beautiful weather of summer comes, it seems that there’s a barbecue or some other kind of get-together every weekend to tempt you with juicy burgers and free-flowing frozen drinks. In the colder months, the social calendar seems to calm down a bit, making it easier to stay on track.
  4. Guaranteed mood-booster. It’s understandable to feel a little down when temps are in the single digits and the sun sets before 5PM. But the best possible defense against the winter blues is a calorie-burning, heart-pumping sweat session. The endorphin rush you get from even a 20-minute workout will keep you smiling through the long night.
  5. Easy healthy food choices. Sure, wintertime means a lot of hearty, calorie-dense foods. But it’s also the perfect time to fill up on healthy soups, warming teas, and in-season healthy treats like beets, persimmons, cauliflower, squash, and root vegetables (not to mention easy ways to healthify your favorite comfort foods).
  6. Time out on travels. Summer is full of many joyful things, among them, vacations. Getaways are great, but they can also wreak havoc on your weight loss efforts. Take advantage of the trip-taking lull that tends to happen between February and May to establish consistency around your healthy habits.
  7. The Big Reveal. Shorts, t-shirts, and sundresses mean your progress is on display when you’re dropping pounds during other times of year. Being bundled up in sweaters means that you can slim down surreptitiously—then get the (incredible) satisfaction of seeing everyone’s faces when you make your big debut once tank top weather returns.

Make it WayBetter

No matter when you make the choice to try to lose weight, make sure your plan takes into account the season (ie, find indoor workouts and healthy warming foods during the wintertime).