7 Reasons DietBet and StepBet are Great Gifts to Give Yourself This Season

I’ve been thinking about the ways that the holiday season can cause people to neglect themselves – you have all your regular work and home obligations, plus you are constantly seeking out gifts or writing cards, trying to trim the tree and hang lights on a house. These things are fun and rewarding, but they can also force self-care to take a back seat.

So during the season of gift-giving, I think it’s important to remember to give a gift to yourself! And what better gift than one that’s not only fun, but also good for you? That’s why I think that this year, StepBet or DietBet should be at the top of your wish list. Here’s why:

1. DietBet prompts you to make the healthy eating and exercise choices that will keep you alert during all the holiday hubbub. Sure, this is a time of year of many candy bowls and lots of sitting around, but starting a DietBet now (especially one that ends sometime after the holidays, giving you a little time to recover after family gatherings) is a great way to make the run-up to the holidays an alert, active, and engaged time.

2. StepBet is a great way to get “credit” for all the moving this season prompts: the steps get racked up as you walk from store to store in the mall or head outside to set up yard decorations and icicle lights. If on the flip side, you tend to be more sedentary this time of year – doing things like watching holiday movies or, yes, eating – a StepBet will keep you motivated to stay active!

3. When you want to get away from it all, the gym can actually be a nice zen moment – you can work off your seasonal stress and listen to the music you feel like listening to… or just more holiday tunes, if that’s what you like best! Being in a StepBet can be the kick in the pants to get you out the door and to the gym when your motivation is flagging.

4. DietBet is a great excuse to try out some non-traditional holiday recipes – use all the holiday spices to make up some healthy sweet potatoes instead of cookies, and add dried fruits to a salad with a yummy vinaigrette instead of all that fruitcake. ☺

5. It can be hard to catch up with friends during this season, so instead of throwing more holiday get-togethers or latte dates, you can invite friends to join a StepBet or DietBet with you, or at least to go for a brisk walk together – you’ll catch up more anyway and be glad you got out of the house!

6. StepBet and DietBet allow you to start wherever you are, so consider a StepBet if you get a new fitness tracker as a gift or one of the slower weight loss challenges on DietBet like the Transformer – you don’t have to commit to losing a ton of weight or walking 50,000 steps a day to make a positive change in December.

7. StepBet and DietBet don’t yield enough to cover all the costs of a busy holiday season, but after gift-giving, it’s always nice to get a little cash back. Winning a StepBet or DietBet right after the holidays can propel you into the next year with positivity and a few extra dollars to spend or save.

Make it WayBetter

How can you make December a landmark month for fitness, healthy eating, and other non-scale victories? Make a holiday “wish list” of healthy goals. These are the kinds of presents you’ll be truly happy to receive from yourself!