19 Ways to Stay on Track When You Feel Like Quitting

We don't always feel super motivated to work for our goals - but that's no reason to give up. When you can't remember why you started, these resources will help you make it to the finish line.

2017 isn’t shiny and new anymore. We’re now knee-deep in those New Years’ resolutions, and this is about the time when most of us start to hit snags.

It’s natural for your motivation to flag a bit as you get farther away from January 1st – but that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up! When you’re struggling to stay on track, having resources in your back pocket can make a big difference. The guide below is packed with motivation, tips, and wisdom that can keep you going strong no matter what hurdles you’re facing.

For When You Need Inspiration

Sometimes the challenges of changing your diet and exercising more overshadow the reasons for all your hard work and dedication. In other words, when you’re struggling to make it to the gym and work and take care of the family and food prep for the week, you can forget why you decided to do all this in the first place!

When that happens, wouldn’t it be great to get a glimpse of the new you six months or a year down the road? Of course, that isn’t possible, but the stories below come pretty close. When you need a reminder that weight loss is achievable or that it’s possible to make dramatic changes in your life, read these:

I Gained Back What I Lost on Biggest Loser But I'm More Determined Than Ever - An honest and inspiring piece by Ali Vincent, the first female winner of Biggest Loser.

Daily Victories (or Kinda Sappy Motivation) - This featured player blog is only sappy if "sappy" means "super inspiring".

From 322 Lbs to The Next Fitness Star - DietBet host Erica Lugo shares her amazing journey.

Mastering the Diet Dance: Jo's Steps to Success - The incredible transformation of Jo, a dancer who struggled with her weight.

5 Inspirational Before + After Pictures That Will Motivate You to Keep Going - Just what it sounds like. 

For When You Need Something New To Eat

There was an episode of Celebrity Fit Club where one celeb confessed to eating steamed broccoli and baked chicken every day for six months in order to lose weight—and when he fell of the wagon, he fell off in a big way!

There’s a very real danger of failure when you limit yourself to a small menu of food choices; the extreme feeling of deprivation sets you up for binges, and makes you more likely to give up completely. Your healthy changes are much more likely to stick if you become a well-rounded, educated, and open-minded eater. So when you need to move past the baked tilapia and asparagus, check these out:

9 Protein Bar Recipes You'll Want to Make Today - NEED MORE PROTEIN!

13 Pinterest Boards that Will Up Your Healthy Eating Game - Inspiration on top of inspiration! These boards will make you drool and make you want to get to work in the kitchen.

Low-Calorie Comfort Foods that Actually Satisfy Your Cravings - Lifetime Weight Watchers member Kate Cross shares some diet-friendly recipes that taste like mom used to make.

11 Vegan Dishes Guaranteed to Make Burger Lovers Drool - Some visual inspiration for those looking to cut down on animal products.

Cold-Weather Comfort Foods that Won't Destroy Your Diet - Mmm.....cheese...

For When You’re Not Seeing Results

It’s inevitable: at some point, the scale will stall and you’ll stop seeing progress at the gym. It may be a month in, it may be a year in, but it will happen. When it does, you gotta change things up or else you’ll just end up falling out of love with the whole process and giving up, and then where will you be?

Instead, when your relationship with exercise gets complicated, get back your fitness motivation by reading these:

Sneaky Ways to Move More - Work out without it feeling like work!

Lacey Stone's Best At-Home Ab Workout - Awesome exercises from a celebrity trainer.

5 Keys to Turning Your Workouts (and Your Life) Around - Lacey Stone is back with 5 steps to breaking out of any kind of rut.

5 Tips to Fall In Love with Your Fitness Routine - It's simple: Exercise is easier when you're enjoying it. 

For When It’s Not Just About The Food and Exercise

While on the surface, weight loss may feel like it’s comprised of exercise and low calorie meals, it’s really about years of unhealthy living. And if you dig deeper, you may find emotions that shock and surprise you.

True weight-loss is about coming to terms with your relationship with food and finding new ways to cope with challenges and find comfort. It’s not an overnight process and it can certainly be very difficult, but the rewards are enormous. So when you need to focus on the emotional side of change, give these a read:

15 Motivating Quotes to Keep You Kicking Butt All Summer Long - Okay, so it's not summer, but that doesn't make these quotes any less motivating.

Give Thanks: 6 Ways Gratitude Fuels Weight Loss - Being grateful is good for the mind, soul, and body.

12 Ways to Instantly Feel Good About Your Body - Power change by celebrating what you already have.

How Celebrating Small Successes Helps You Lose More Weight - Don't let those non-scale-victories slip by unacknowledged!

8 Reasons You Should Be Grateful for Your Body Today - We can't overemphasize the power of gratitude.

The most important thing is that when you stumble, you can seek out help in the form of a friend or a trainer or reading material that can inspire you to keep going. This is a process that will take constant care, at least in the beginning, so give yourself an edge by adding the above wisdom to your arsenal.

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